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organizations to articulate and communicate their 

story, fostering robust partnerships & connecting people to one another globally.   

Growing together for the Future.


This is me

Throughout my career, I have embraced a diverse range of roles, from creative development to project management, compliance, and partnership management. What has remained constant is my unwavering commitment to gain a comprehensive perspective on the inner workings of organizations and understand the "how" and "why" behind their operations. By contextualizing their historical foundations and aligning them with their goals, vision, and missions, I believe I can add significant value to companies, organizations, and teams. This approach, combined with a deep understanding of the target audience, informs my methodology in communication, project management, process improvement, and leadership style.

In my most recent position as a Global Program Manager at Meta, I oversaw a team of Third Party subject matter experts (SMEs) who provided advisory services to protect Intellectual Property and Confidential Information. These services were designed to drive solutions aligned with the business goals of Meta Reality Labs and Meta's overall missions. Additionally, I led a team of Project Managers focused on programmatic and organizational development. Our projects centered around process improvement, communication solutions, and new programmatic initiatives that supported Reality Labs and its integration within the broader business framework.

Before venturing into the tech industry, I dedicated a decade to supporting the world of experiential entertainment. As a Senior Manager of Intellectual Property & Partnerships at the Universal Creative division of NBCUniversal, my role encompassed ensuring consistency and authenticity of intellectual properties across various projects. I successfully managed, built, and strengthened partnerships with external IP holders, including renowned brands such as Nintendo, Dreamworks, Warner Bros., and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Additionally, I held positions as a Producer, overseeing multiple projects for Universal Creative.

Prior to my tenure at NBCUniversal, I served as a creative producer at BRC Imagination Arts, an experiential design firm based in Los Angeles, CA. During my time there, I led the development and rebranding of major projects for prominent brands, including Coca-Cola, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Ford Motor Company, Jameson, the Milwaukee Brewers, and the European Union. Collaborating with diverse stakeholders, such as clients, visual artists, sound designers, show set designers, and producers, I synthesized multiple perspectives into cohesive storytelling experiences that left a lasting impact on audiences.

In 2018, I completed an MBA with a concentration in Marketing from the Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona in Tucson, further enhancing my skills and knowledge in the field.

With a wealth of experience and a deep passion for partnerships management, I am now actively seeking new opportunities to contribute my expertise. Let us come together and forge a path of success and growth.

Process Management  Licensing 
Partnership Management    Branding   

Talent Management  Intellectual Property   

 Cross Functional Collaboration  

Communication Management 

Project Management 

Visual Communication Design 


On a more personal note

My life has always been about exploring and trying new things. Whether it's venturing to unfamiliar places, taking on exciting projects, or seeking out thrilling adventures, I've always had a deep curiosity that drives me forward. This innate desire to discover has led me to move across countries, immerse myself in different cultures, and find inspiration in the stories that unfold along the way. Travel and connecting with new people is a huge driver for my happiness and growth :) 

In 2020, when travel plans were shelved, I turned to gaming to connect more regularly with family and friends. Gaming has always been a core activity/hobby in my life since childhood but lock down seem to ignite that passion even more in an intense way. That fire has not faded since! My husband and I spend most of our weekends venturing down gaming rabbit holes (now both from home and out socially) and exploring new interactive methods of story telling. In addition to  gaming, I spend my free time, while limited since have a wild child in 2022,  video editing as an alternative way to preserve moments and finding new venues for exercise throughout the Pacific Northwest. 




In 2011 I earned a BA in History with a minor in religious studies.


In 2018 I earned an MBA with a concentration in marketing.

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