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Endorsements & References

Over the years I've been lucky enough to work with a diverse group of phenominal professionals. The success I have had in my career were never 100% my own, it takes a team to concur any endeavor. I am grateful for the colloboration and the professional family its created. 

"I had the pleasure of working closely with Alex for several years. As a Creative Director, I depend mightily on a strong manager to keep us on track. Alex was one of the best I've had the pleasure of working with. Even under the most difficult and stressful of circumstances, she has a calm demeanor and a solutions-oriented focus. She is intuitive and knows people - which is an essential skill for managing a diverse group of people. Alex always goes above and beyond, looking down the road and adapting well to unexpected occurrences - which ALWAYS pop up. Additionally, Alex possesses natural curiosity. She is always learning and always willing to learn. I have no doubt she will excel in any position she is given".

Matthew Solari, Creative Director
BRC Imagination Arts 

"Alex always holds herself with a warm and inviting elegance that makes her a notable team player. I really enjoyed collaborating with her on agile strategies to properly maintain our IP’s relationship and to proactively nullify potential hurdles. It’s very clear through her work that relationships are important to Alex, and her ability to listen to everyone’s needs shows in her decision making skills. Her high level of professionalism and leadership aren’t the only characteristics that make Alex a successful candidate. It’s the spark of her personality that make her personal touch in a partnership uniquely valuable. I hope someday we can work together in the future to make great things happen". 

Melody Austin Silverman, Producer

"Alex is one of the best managers I have worked with in my 10 years at the company. She started as a coordinator and not only was a fast learner but very quickly began taking on more responsibility. She is the kind of employee who is willing to jump in where needed to support the team and project. She was promoted to a manager where she played a key role in not just the standard management tasks such as budget and schedule but also in the creative development of projects. She worked closely with designers, writers and creative directors to help craft the story and visual package while always keeping the client's needs in mind. She kept company executives consistently informed about the progress of her projects and is a great all around communicator. An intuitive and empathetic manager of people while also being a strong and motivational leader who is an overall joy to work with. Alex has a rare combination of business sense, creative instincts, strong communication skills and a wonderful warm personality".

Cara Pico, Design Studio Director

BRC Imagination Arts 

"Max is an incredibly gifted and focused leader. Her ability to lead and contribute to creative teams is big asset for any company considering this need. I would highly recommend her".

Christian Lachel, Chief Creative Officer
BRC Imagination Arts 

Additional References

Contact Information Availble Upon Request

John Paul Geurts 
Director of Creative -  NBCUniversal 

Mickey Stern 
Creative Director  -  Warner Bros. 

Philipp Edelmann
Manager of Experiences -  Netflix

Carmel Lewis
VP, Executive Producer -  BRC Imagination Arts 

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