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Value Propostion Statement

Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of gaining diverse experiences that contribute to a company's success. While my focus has predominantly been on client-facing and partnership management roles, I've always sought to understand the underlying reasons behind various perspectives and functions that drive success. This curiosity has led me to navigate different positions in the entertainment industry, pursue an MBA to develop a business mindset, and ultimately transition to the world of technology. I firmly believe in the potential of people, the power of innovation, and the importance of embracing an inquisitive and collaborative approach to shaping the future.

My goal is to support organizational missions by efficiently maintaining, proactively strengthening, and creatively enhancing processes, strategies, and communication methods. With an educational background in MBA and extensive experience in partnerships, client relations, intellectual property, branding, and creative management within the entertainment and tech industry, I bring a well-rounded perspective to deliver value and drive positive outcomes.


Process Management  Partnership Management     Presentation Design    

Creative Studio Management   Client Relations & Contracting

Business Communication Translation      Creative Production       IP Management 

 Cooperate Communications  Licensing   

 Brand Development    Budget Management 

Work Experience


Global Program Manager 

In my role as a Global Program Manager, I had the privilege of leading and strategizing for teams focused on Intellectual Property, contracts, and compliance. A key aspect of my responsibilities involved developing effective communication methodologies for both internal team collaboration and partnerships with external stakeholders. This entailed establishing and nurturing relationships with Third Parties and cross-functional teams, facilitating problem-solving and conflict resolution, and implementing streamlined communication flows with robust tracking mechanisms. Additionally, I managed a team of compliance consultants specialized in intellectual property, communications, and contractual compliance, providing valuable guidance and support to Meta Reality Labs.

Before assuming the role of Global Program Manager, I gained valuable experience as an Intellectual Property Strategy Manager, where I honed my expertise in managing intellectual property assets and formulating strategic approaches.


Overall, my career has been dedicated to optimizing communications and fostering strong partnerships, allowing organizations to navigate complex landscapes and achieve their goals effectively.


Sr. Manager of Intellectual Property & Partnerships, NBCUniversal

In my role as the Sr. Manager of the IP and Partnerships program, my primary responsibility was to cultivate, strengthen, and manage all external Intellectual Property relationships. This involved employing adaptable communication strategies tailored to each unique partnership and IP holder, while also employing diplomacy to facilitate smooth collaboration between high-profile IP holders and project teams. By fostering effective communication and alignment, we ensured seamless project development and the attainment of overall business objectives.

During my tenure, I spearheaded the establishment of a global process to maintain and align with negotiated contractual agreements with IP holders. This encompassed developing key strategies for Universal Creative, including IP approvals and review, documentation management, process implementation, and overseeing all communication channels. By implementing robust processes, we streamlined operations and ensured consistent interpretation of the IP throughout the organization.

In instances where challenges or misalignment arose between internal and external stakeholders, I took the lead in facilitating conflict resolution. By fostering open dialogue and promoting effective problem-solving, we ensured that projects progressed smoothly and that the IP was utilized in a manner consistent with the shared vision.

Managing and operating the program required overseeing a team of dedicated IP Managers and coordinators. I provided clear assignments, guidance, and support to enable their professional growth and to collectively achieve our goals.

Through my experience in partnerships and process management, I have developed a deep understanding of the intricate dynamics involved in fostering successful collaborations and maintaining strong relationships. I am confident in my ability to leverage this expertise to drive the success of future endeavors in the realm of partnerships management.


Master Programs Manager, University of Arizona

Position held while obtaining MBA in Marketing. 


In this position I counseled and advised students throughout their master's program with a focus on career placement and academic goals -- networked with local and national firms in order to maintain relationships with the professional community, redesigned the departmental website to allow for more efficient functionality and consistent, comprehensive visual communication -- played a key role in development and launch of the Online Master of Science in Accounting

Program and Graduate Accounting Certificate resulting in being awarded the Marion Levy Service award for

these efforts.


In addition to the above I helped establish a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to review, track and

maintain relationships with potential and current applicants to Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona.


Concept Manager, BRC Imagination Arts

The first role I held in the Entertainment industry was with a Experiential design firm in Burbank, CA. 


During my time with BRC, I supported the development and re-branding of multiple major brand projects, including Coca-Cola, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Ford Motor Company, Jameson, the Milwaukee Brewers and the European Union. I was exhilarated by the collaboration with diverse stakeholders (clients, visual artists, sound and show set designers, producers, etc.) which allowed me to combine many perspectives into a cohesive storytelling experience that created unforgettable memories for audiences.

For more information on the amazing work I was fortunate enough to support while at BRC please inquire. 



Eller College of Management, University of Arizona

MBA with a concentration in marketing


University of Arizona

BA History with a minor in religious studies

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